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Julianne Frances Taylor Cook

b.   Aug. 23 1853 Massillon, Ohio  
d. Jan. 29, 1931 Mechanicsville, IA
Married: Joseph Chaffee Cook
Mechanicsville, Iowa ; Nov. 28th 1874
The link to the family tree was prepared some time ago by my Grandmother, Evelyn Cook and my cousin, Mary
Egan. You will have to ask Mary about all of the helpers who put time into this.I would enjoy any information you
know of, so this can be updated.     (Leo 'Jack' Cook)
Generation # 2
Giles Hopkins,  Josiah Jr. married Giles Hopkin's daughter making the Cooks descendants of the Mayflower Pilgrims. This has been verified and submitted to
the Mayflower Society.  Josiah Cooke, Sr. was born on or about - 1610 England or Leyden Holland and died October 17, 1673 in Eastham, Mass. He married
Elizabeth Ring (Dean) September 16, 1635. Elizabeth was born in Ufford Suffolk Co England 1602 daughter of William Ring and Mary Durrant. She died
12/28/1687 in Eastham, Mass, USA at 85 years of age. Elizabeth's first husband was Stephen Dean. Josiah was her second husband. Josiah Cooke & Elizabeth
had 3 children: Ann (Anna); Bethia; & Josiah, JR.    
Generation # 3
JOSIAH COOKE was born 1645 in Eastham, Massachusetts, and died January 31, 1731/32 in Eastham, Massachusetts. He married Deborah Hopkins July 27,
1668 in Eastham, Massachusetts, daughter of GILES HOPKINS ( of the Mayflower) and CATHERINE WHELDEN. She was born June 1648 in Eastham,
Massachusetts, and died Aft. February 28, 1686/87 in Eastham, Massachusetts.
Generation # 4
Joshua Cook was born 2/4/1682 Eastham, MASS. He died July 31, 1737 in Coventry Ct. In Feb. 7/1705-6 he married Patience Doane. They had 14 children.
Patience was born April 1682 In Eastham. She died Feb. 1778, Coventry, Ct. Their 6th child was Ephraim.
Generation # 5
Ephraim Cook was born Eastham Ma. 10/16/1712; and married Mary Merrick 2/12/1734-35; They had 10 children. Ephraim died 2/1778 Coventry Conn. and Mary
died 2/1778 in Coventry Conn. The second child was Moses.
Generation # 6
Moses Cook born in 1738. Moses married Eunice Allin in 1/17/1760 possibly in Coventry Conn. They had 5 children. James Cook was the 3rd child.
Generation # 7
James Cook was born in 1763. He married Eunice Loomis. They had 6 children and his second wife is listed and Diane Brown, who had 3 children. John Cook
was the 1st child of Eunice.
Generation # 8
John Cook was born on 9/10/1786 in Freehold NY. He married Ruth Curtis and had 9 children. John died 8/5/1857 Their 5th child was James Edward Cook
Generation # 9
James Edward Cook was born in Cayugoa NY in 1819. James married Mary Madeline Chaffee on 12/13/1838 in Trumbull Co. Ohio. They had 9 children. The 7th
child was Joseph Chaffee Cook.
Generation # 10
Joseph ( Jose) Chaffee Cook was born in Canton Ohio on 10/8/1854. He married Julianne Frances Taylor 11/28/1874 in Mechanicsville. Iowa. Joseph;(Joe) died
12/8/1924 in Sentinel Butte, North Dakota. Julianne died 1/29/1931 in Mechanicsville. They had 12 children and 1 foster child; Charles "Banty" Bennett. Phillip
Taylor Cook was the 10th Child.
Generation # 11
Phillip Taylor Cook was born in Emmonds Co. North Dakota 10/12/1895. He married Lucy Evelyn Northrop on 7/2/1921 in Wibaux Montana. They had 6 children
and Phillip Taylor, [Junior]; is my father. My mother still hates the name Junior. They had 3 boys and 3 girls; Phil, Marlyn, Rex, Merdythe, Rella, and Joe. All are
alive except Joe who was killed in a college rodeo, May 6,1962, and Phil who died, Sept. 1, 2003; and was buried in Sentinel Butte, ND. Grandpa Cook died in
Sentinel Butte on 8/31/1990 and Grandma Cook died in Sentinel Butte on April 11, 1992 in Sentinel Butte.
Generation # 12
Phillip Taylor Cook, Jr. (Phil) was born on 8/13/1922 in Sentinel Butte, North Dakota and died Sept. 1, 2003. He married Mary Catherine Zinsli on April 18, 1944.
She was born on May 15, 1925 in Aitkin, Minnesota. They have 7 Children. I am the oldest; Leo John Cook; "Jack"; next is David Leroy, Burton Roland, Jane Marie,
Judy Ann, Neal Patrick and Donna Rae.
Generation # 13
Leo John; "Jack" Cook, was born in 1945 in Glasgow, Montana. Married Jeanne Eileen Fillenworth who was born in 1947 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Children are
Tammy Michele, Scott Joseph, and Karen Marie.
Generation # 14
Scott Joseph Cook,   Born 1973 Denver Colorado.  Lived in Sentinel Butte, North Dakota in the home of Joseph Chaffee Cook.
Scott Joseph Cook;     Beloved, Son, Husband and Father, 7/2/1973 ~ 2/9/2012, Rest In Peace
Generation # 15
Angelina Grace Cook
Daughter of Scott and Lori Cook of Sentinel Butte, ND born Denver Colorado, July 29, 2006 -

NOTE...This is only an outline. If you want more information regarding my family tree please email me any time. Thank you for your interest and browsing my
Family Tree.
Generation # 1 Stephen Hopkins 1581- 1644  Mayflower Decendants