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Sentinel Butte in the background

A  start to a new day, AT the US WEST DIGEST

The Digest is my BLOG I started in about 1995 with thoughts and
comments about many topics including religion, cars, family, marriage, education and the media to name a few.

I started learning computer science and technology in 1963 when I joined ASA, (the US Army Security Agency). I have continued learning and teaching computer operation, web site plans, PC skills, and tricks for over 50 years. After my enlistment in the Army I Attended Kirkwood Community College and Colorado State University and taught Electronics and computer science at Denver Public Schools.

Then I moved to San Diego and taught at a college offering computer systems and technology for the USMC, Army, Navy, and large corporations such as, Verizon, AT&T, and Boeing Aircraft. After returning to North Dakota I was hired as the technology coordinator for Billings County Schools in Medora, ND USA.
Sincerely, Jack Cook

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