Fix your PC with a free download

Remove viruses from your pc; downloading free tools!
Download problems, Danger,
I clean my pc with some free tools off the web but you have to be careful when you download a piece of software.
You may search for some free software such as Adobe reader but when you search you WILL get a list of several sites that are selling other items and would can have much trouble to find the free REAL” software you want. For example, if you want the Adobe reader, love for the official site for Adobe. It will be listed in your search as Official Site.

Do NOT go to sites such as [] or []. These will take you to the wrong place.

Fine the Official Site.

More coming.

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A  start to a new day, AT the US WEST DIGEST

The Digest is my BLOG I started in about 1995 with thoughts and
comments about many topics including religion, cars, family, marriage, education and the media to name a few.

I started learning computer science and technology in 1963 when I joined ASA, (the US Army Security Agency). I have continued learning and teaching computer operation, web site plans, PC skills, and tricks for over 50 years. After my enlistment in the Army I Attended Kirkwood Community College and Colorado State University and taught Electronics and computer science at Denver Public Schools.

Then I moved to San Diego and taught at a college offering computer systems and technology for the USMC, Army, Navy, and large corporations such as, Verizon, AT&T, and Boeing Aircraft. After returning to North Dakota I was hired as the technology coordinator for Billings County Schools in Medora, ND USA.
Sincerely, Jack Cook